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Cheju Island (Chejudao) is South Korea's largest island, also known as Tamra Island, the island honeymoon, romantic island, located in the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, separated from the peninsula and Cheju Strait sea, the southern coast of south Korea more than 90 kilometers, and recapped Korea Strait gateway to a very important geographical position. Cheju Island area of 1826 square kilometers, including cattle Island, lying on the island, brothers Island, shelter naturalization Island, Mosquito Island, Tiger Island, as 34 of the island, 100 km northeast from the South Jeolla Province, is an ideal tourist and fishing resort. Ornamental relics here can enjoy the natural landscape, the island stand Korea's highest mountain - the elevation of 1950 meters - Mt. Also hiking, horseback, never thought about, hunting, surfing and playing golf, etc.. Here sparsely populated, the vast territory, instead of alpine forest, farmland cottages. Farmers are the major species of rice, vegetables and fruit, the most spectacular to a maximum of rape, spring, a golden everywhere, and very good-looking.

Cheju Island under the seasonal climate changes can be clearly divided into continental and oceanic climate. Winter temperature, dry, wet and humid summer. Annual average temperature 16 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 33.5 degrees Celsius in summer, the coldest winter in January only 1 degree Celsius, a very pleasant climate, therefore, Cheju Island "of Hawaii, South Korea," said.

Cheju Island is the main mountain-Mt Han Mt heap for a volcano in the 1007 eruption. The elevation of 1,950 meters is Mt Korean Han the highest mountain.

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